Salad Cutter Bowl

Everyone loves a fresh, healthy, nutrition balanced salad. But to prepare a salad at home, you have to wash and rinse the lettuce, slice and chop all of the ingredients, then slice and chop some more, even make your cut board so mess, what a chore!
Salad Cutter Bowl make Salads and Eating Healthy Easy. With this salad chopper bowl, you can enjoy a nutritious and delicious salad in 60 seconds!

  • Fastest salad cutter bowl, make fruit and vegetable salad in only 60 seconds without cutting board
  • Healthy and Safe salad chopper: Salad Cutter Bowl made of food grade durable material, BPA free, making fresh healthy salads in seconds
  • Perfect salad fruit cutter: The wave top can be used as a strainer, can wash your lettuce together, the cover can be used as a cut board, just sets them up for a perfect criss cross cut. Rotate the wave cover to slice your lettuce smaller
  • Safe and Clean salad cutter: Cutting board free, direct making, more clean and never worried about cutting your fingers
  • ABS Product: Different from other salad chopper bowl , our salad slicer is made of food grade high hardness ABS material, not easy to leave marks